How Do Women Really Feel About How They Look?
We asked women in their early 60s and late teens to take a survey about body image. How do they compare? You may be surprised.

Are You Happy with Your Looks?
Unlimited options to "fix" every "problem," with knives, needles, or lasers—not to mention Photoshop—have created a standard of beauty (Bambi eyelashes! moonlike white teeth!) practically guaranteed to make you want to shatter your mirror.

What's a sane woman to do? Keep reading for a rich mix of viewpoints, including a surprising glimpse into what O readers, young and older, really think about the way they look.

Do You Like Your Appearance?
60s: 64%
Teens 69.3%

Do You Look Good for Your Age?

60s: 88.3%
Teens 80.2%

"Isn't it great that we seem only a little less satisfied as we get older? I wish more than two-thirds of both groups felt that way!"—Valerie Monroe, Beauty Director