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To further prove to Michael that she has a warped sense of her body, Carson decides to offer some major insight. Carson projects a huge image of an underwear-clad Michael on a building in Chicago's famed shopping district along Michigan Avenue!

"What do you think about her body?" Carson asks a passerby.

"Look at her structure," one woman says. "She has a long neck, beautiful décolleté."

"If you were going to rate her body on a scale of one to 10, what would you say?" Carson asks others.

"Definitely a seven or eight, easy," one man says.

"I'd give her an eight or nine," a woman say.

"I would say 10," another passerby says.

Hearing those reactions brings Michael to tears. "I'm happy. I can't believe those people said those things about me," she says. "They're very happy tears."

Carson says hearing compliments from strangers can be the difference in body perspective. "Most of these women hear that tape in their heads saying, 'I'm not good enough. My butt's too big. My arms are jiggly,'" he says. "Their friends and family say, 'Wow, I think you're so sexy. You're great-looking.' But they don't hear it. They need to hear it from complete and total strangers who they don't know and that don't know them to feel like maybe it's true."
FROM: How to Look Good Naked
Published on March 14, 2008