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After leaving the bra boutique, Carson takes Michael and Anita to try on clothes that will make them look good when they aren't naked. He offers his tips on how to instantly reduce any perceived problem areas.
"If you're concerned about being big in the hips, you don't want a skinny, peg-legged jean," he says. "That's going to accentuate that shape. You want a little flare."

Carson also says that the right size accessory can serve double duty. "If you have a really big purse, it makes your butt look smaller."

When picking out an outfit for Michael, Carson says knit spandex is a great option. "What it does is it creates shape in the arms." This, he says, reduces arm "rollage" even when she waves.

Since Michael is also concerned about her waist, Carson has her try on a patent leather belt. "What it does is cinches you in and gives you a great waistline."

That flashy belt fulfills another of Carson's tips—feeling sexy by stepping out of your comfort zone!
FROM: How to Look Good Naked
Published on March 14, 2008


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