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Now it's Anita's turn to search out flattering, well-fitting undergarments to boost her confidence. Susan says Anita's current bra is riding up in the back, causing her breasts to sag. "When we get the bra level or lower in the back, we'll have all of our support, so then we'll actually get nice uplift here," Susan says.

Anita's old bra was a size 38C, but the pretty new black-and-pink bra Susan helps her choose is a 36E. "Maybe you started out as a younger girl as a C cup, and then maybe you gain a little weight," Susan says. While the cup size often grows, Susan and Carson say it's less usual for the bra band size to get bigger.

Anita discovers that a properly fitting bra with good support causes less of a roll underneath her bust. "Right, because we're not pushing them down," Carson says. When she puts on a sassy red bra, Anita exudes confidence with straighter posture. "I just love it. I feel pretty," Anita says. "You got me to say it!"
FROM: How to Look Good Naked
Published on March 14, 2008


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