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Now that Anita is starting to realize her body looks better than she thought, Carson enlists the help of some strangers to drive home the point. He has an image of Anita, in only her bra and underwear, projected onto a building in downtown Chicago. When people walk by, Carson asks them what they think of her body.

"I think real, wonderful and beautiful," one man says. "I definitely think curves are sexy."

"Put her in some pumps and a knee-length dress and send her down the runway," a woman says.

"I think she has beautiful natural curves," says another man. "I think her legs are actually quite fine. She has very nice calves."

Hearing all the nice things the strangers said about her body leads Anita to an aha! moment. "I'm the one with the disconnect," she says. "I feel like maybe I don't need to cower in the corner anymore and hide behind people. I could just hold my head up and get out there and be myself. But it is scary to do that because I have been in such a cocoon."
FROM: How to Look Good Naked
Published on March 14, 2008


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