Stephon Marbury's shoes are only $14.98.

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With Stephon's Starbury athletic shoes—which are sold at Steve & Barry's retail stores—people can enjoy quality sneakers without paying top dollar. And Stephon even wears them on the court! "You can take my shoe and a $150 shoe and cut it down the middle, and it does the same thing. And my shoe is $14.98," he says.

Stephon understands what it's like growing up and not being able to afford expensive sneakers. "My mother always said, 'That's grocery money.'" he says. "So for me, allowing kids now to be able to go to the store and spend their money on sneakers and to be able to buy it themselves, it's a movement. We've created something that everyone across the world is benefiting from."

Through the release of Starburys, Stephon says he wanted to create change by eliminating the view of sneakers as a fashion statement. "It's moving people in the right direction, and we say it's revolutionary," he says. "It's changed their lives."
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Published on January 01, 2006