Selena Breed at the fashion shoot

Atlanta-born Selena Breed is the new face of Lancôme cosmetics and the first to arrive on the shoot.
Chloe Sevigny strikes a pose.

Preppy isn't the first word we'd use to describe an actress this cool. Yet Chloë Sevigny insists that's her style base—she arrived at the shoot wearing vintage J. Crew.
Kate Walsh and Ted Gibson

Kate Walsh, costar of ABC's hit hospital drama Grey's Anatomy, gets her hair styled by celebrity stylist and Manhattan salon owner Ted Gibson. Ted gave everyone on the shoot a gift bag full of goodies from his own line of hair care products.
Kate Walsh, Ted Gibson and Fabrizio Ferri

Kate and Ted look on as photographer Fabrizio Ferri's dog, Gideon—who is taller than 6'3" Fabrizio when he stands on his hind legs—tries to get in on the action.
Jill Clayburgh gets ready for the camera.

Ted, photo assistant Michele Botta and Fabrizio took to the streets to get this shot of Jill Clayburgh in the West Village. Jill did the photo shoot in the hour between doing the matinee and evening shows of Barefoot in the Park on Broadway.
Ted Gibson, Kate Walsh and Adam Glassman

Ted, Kate and O's Creative Director Adam Glassman smile for the camera.
Bahar Soomekh and Ted Gibson

Bahar Soomekh and stylist Ted Gibson. Bahar flew in from Toronto for the shoot where she is filming Saw 3. She also stars in ABC's drama Day Break.
Kate Walsh gets made up

Kate Walsh and makeup artist Fabiola. Kate says you'll most likely find her in workout clothes, but loves the way a well-cut suit makes her feel confident.
Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union had flown in from Omaha (she was at a family reunion), arrived in flip-flops and a sweatsuit and quickly got glammed up. She asked to listen to New Kids on the Block during her photo shoot.
Gideon, the dog

The star assistant of the shoot: Gideon!
Fabrizio and Gideon

Fabrizio and Gideon show off their ballroom dancing skills.


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