Baseball-Inspired Looks You'll Love ...Even if You Hate Sports
Baseball-inspired fashion
I have to admit, I'm a bigger fan of baseball-inspired fashion than I am of the actual sport. And I don't have to watch Sportscenter to know that these little raglan tops and reimagined varsity jackets are a great way to update your weekend wardrobe.

Jacket: Katherine Hooker London, $1,052;
Baseball shirt
Áeropostale, $23;
Baseball shirt
Loft, $60;
Varsity jacket
Uniqlo, $100; 877-486-4756
Baseball jacket
Lifetime Collective, $130;
Baseball jacket
Madewell, $158;
Baseball shirt
David Lerner, $220;
Floral baseball cap
This floral hat (by groovy line Ale et Ange) adds a sporty yet feminine touch.


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