August 2009's New Beauty Products
Artful eyeshadows, a deliciously hydrating lip treatment... Here's what O's beauty team fell in love with this month.
Mark Eyeshadow Palettes
Artful Shading
If there's an art to making up your eyes (and who would say there isn't?), these three handsome eyeshadow palettes—Jungle Love, Beach Babe, and Ocean Hues (Mark, $7 each, )—are a fitting inspiration. The texture is silky, and though the pigment is dense enough to leave a rich swath of color, it can also be sheered out with an eyeshadow brush for a subtler look. ("Sheered out"—that's an artist's term...well, a makeup artist's.) Moisten a fine-point brush so you can use the center square for liner. Then look stunning while the rave reviews roll in.