Make-up artist Sue Devitt
Celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt says there are essential anti-aging little makeup rules that can help take years off your face.
Sue suggests using a treatment foundation that replenishes the hydration. "As you get older, you need more and more hydration," she says. "I used a triple seaweed whipped foundation that has Vitamins A, B5, C, D, K, and E. It's very nourishing for the skin, and I think that takes 10 years off right there.

A Makeup Face-lift
A second technique is to give the client a face-lift. When you apply blush, Sue says, apply it very high on the apples of the cheeks, and then layer on a tiny touch of cheek gel.

Plump Up
"As we grow older, our top lip tends to shrink," Sue says. After you layer the lipstick, add a touch of gloss on the inside of the bottom lip to create a fullness effect.


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