Angie Harmon and Ann Caruso

Everyone on set couldn't help but notice how much Angie Harmon and O's fashion stylist, Ann Caruso looked alike. "Our inspiration for this shoot was Ali McGraw's character in Love Story, and we both have that look," Ann says, who's known Angie since the former Law and Order star was a teenage model. "Then we began to joke that if Angie got sick, I could fill in. It was only a one day shoot, so we weren't too worried."

Photographer Roger Neve and his assistants

Even on a picture perfect afternoon, teamwork is required for a great shot. Photographer Roger Neve and his assistants, Sjoerd Geuke and Stephen Badronzy, work together to get the light just right to capture Angie Harmon's natural look.
Angie Harmon models in the park

Angie proves modeling is a walk in the park.
Angie Harmon and Roger Neve

Angie and photographer Roger Neve take a quick coffee break to recharge for the next round of photographs.
Angie Harmon and photographer sitting in front of windows

A change of sets requires a discussion between photographer and subject. The afternoon light pouring through the stain glass windows makes this the ideal spot to chat.
Angie Harmon in sunshine

Angie takes a breather and enjoys the sunshine.


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