Aerin Lauder
Aerin's Essentials
Aerin says that her grandmother always said, "You only have one face, so take care of it." And that's exactly what she does.

Eye Cream:
Aerin says that eyes are where most women usually start to show age the most. A good eye cream can work on lines and dark circles.

Sheer or matte—what's a girl to do? Aerin says she wears both—a sheer foundation for day and a matte for evening.

Delightful Hair:
Estée taught Aerin to spray a little perfume on her hairbrush, so your fragrance will last longer.

Self-Tanner and Bronzer:
Aerin loves looking like she's been on vacation—a trick from using a light self-tanner. Using a bronzer is great for mothers on-the-go so you can take your glow with you for when you need a pick-me-up!

Travel Musts:
Airplanes are all-too familiar for Aerin's life as a businesswoman, so she packs her beauty essentials accordingly. She always carries a big warm scarf that can be used as a blanket. "When I take a long flight, stress relief eye masks really save me," she says. "They create instant hydration for your eyes, and they make you look refreshed when you get to your destination."