Make-up from the pros
The gorgeous eyeshadows you're looking at here are only a small ripple in the new wave of irresistible spring makeup hitting stores now. We know you're going to want to touch it all, try it on, see how it looks on you. But where do you start? You're probably fine with the cerulean blues, rich browns, shimmering golds…but do you really want to wear purple on your eyes? And where do you put that bronzer? Over the sheer coral powder?

We called in three makeup artists (with famously different styles) and three models (with very different coloring) to try out this stuff on real skin. The result: nine beautifully distinct looks. With your complexion as your guide, you'll be able to find what's best for you, whether it's the understated classicism of Bobbi Brown, the joyful color play of M.A.C.'s Gordon Espinet, or the smoky glamour of Vincent Longo.


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