Adam Glassman
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg
Q: What are your three major summer-style turnoffs?

A: Heat and humidity seem to breed bad taste—it's as if people's fashion sense goes on vacation. Specific kvetches? I don't know if I can stop at three…

1. Exposed bra straps are sloppy on all but the young and hip.

2. Oversize men's T-shirts in weird colors like melon—this is tragic in a season of shaped, sophisticated tees that have real style.

3. The golfing look gone off course—garish polo shirts tucked in to pleated, belted shorts and, to top it off, a visor (Mom, are you reading?). I'm all for sporty pieces on the street, but you have to mix them with real clothes. Shorts on adult women in general are ghastly; wear cropped pants instead.

4. "Fun" summer jewelry—cheap plastic bangles, cheesy shells, big colored balls bobbing around the neck…

5. Nude hosiery with open-toe shoes—the webbed-foot look.

6. Worn-out flip-flops that look as though you've tramped from London to Ipanema. Footwear this flimsy gets old fast.


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