New Life, New Look: 5 Must-See Style Makeovers
One woman lost 194 pounds. Another is dating after divorce. Two are switching careers. What do they have in common? They're ready to get back in the saddle—in style.
Leslie Maxie
New Status
Leslie Maxie
45, consumer marketing executive Morristown, New Jersey

Before: "I've always dressed conservatively," says Maxie. "But I don't feel that way."

After her divorce in 2003, Maxie focused on raising her children. But last year the kids—now teens—won scholarships to boarding school. "The empty nest came four years sooner than I expected," says Maxie, who has since joined

Why She Was Ready for a Change
"I dressed older than my age," she says. "My girlfriends would tell me not to wear a turtleneck on a date—but I have!"

Her New Look
A bold lemon Zero + Maria Cornejo dress skims her curves—and shows a little leg—without making Maxie feel overexposed. "This makes me feel like a woman—I love the color!" says Maxie.

What You Can Learn
Forget the old rule about no long hair after 40: "Hair should move and be sexy, especially if you're back on the market," says celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson, who gave Maxie extensions.

Dress, Zero + Maria Cornejo,, $795. Earrings, Chloe+Isabel, $48, Cuff, Sibilia, $134, Shoes, Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret, $78,