Jennifer Bonner

Photo: Michael Edwards

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New Body
Jennifer Bonner
39, accountant, Camas, Washington

Before: Bonner at more than 300 pounds. "I didn't feel feminine for a very long time," she says.

Bonner weighed 334 pounds when she decided to join her husband on the Medifast weight loss plan, eating five packaged meals, one portion of lean protein, and three vegetable servings a day. "I lost 13 pounds the first week, and by the second week I was hooked," says Bonner, who now weighs 140 pounds and is training for the Portland marathon.

Why She Was Ready for a Change
"When I was heavy, I never tried anything on, because a tent is a tent," she says. "When I lost the weight, I still dressed the same, even though my body was radically different."

Her New Look
A tangerine dress shows off Bonner's new svelte shape without being skintight; allover ruching keeps wobbly bits covered. A chic haircut by Gibson draws attention to Bonner's gorgeous eyes. "I assumed I couldn't carry off an outfit like this. But this dress makes me feel confident," says Bonner.

What You Can Learn
"If you've recently lost weight, wrap tops are flattering and draw attention to newly emerging cheekbones and collarbones," says O creative director Adam Glassman. Choose three-quarter-length sleeves if you're not comfortable with sleeveless; Empire-waist styles are also forgiving.

Dress, Nue by Shani, $280, Earrings, Nava Zahavi, $1,450, Fragments, NYC, 212-334-9588. Bangles, Melinda Maria and Robindira Unsworth, starting at $85, Ring, Lisa Freede Jewelry, $98, Shoes, Ralph Lauren Collection, $595,


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