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Plus: Why Would You Want...a Hand-Shaped Diffuser?
This bright green claw sat on my desk for weeks, attracting the curious attention of co-workers, who thought of lots of great uses for it (back scratcher, necklace holder, door knocker). Eventually, I got curious enough to want to know if it actually worked as a hair diffuser. (If you don't know what a diffuser is, you probably don't have curly hair—it turns a blow-dryer's dense rush of air into a light breeze, which preserves curls and reduces frizz.) Most diffusers are bowl shaped; this one claims superiority because it's molded to fit against your head, so its "fingers" can reach into your hair, drying the bottom and top layers at the same time. I clamped the wacky-looking thing onto my dryer (it snapped on easily with the included adapter); the instruction pamphlet directed me to hold the diffuser on the side of my head, close to my scalp, for two minutes. (If you tilt your head, the fingers can reach in more easily.) I did the other side, then the front—with the diffuser sitting like a hat, I slowly moved it right and left for a couple of minutes. Finally, I used the hand to gently scoop up the ends of my hair, encouraging the curl. The whole process felt a little bizarre—it was like wielding a prosthetic—and took some time (about 15 minutes), but when I was done, my hair was frizz-free and perfectly wavy. Will you forgive me if I say I think it deserves a big hand?

DevaFuser; $35; DevaChanSalon.com