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Revlon Ionic Hot Air Kit ($25)
What it is: A 1,200-watt dryer that comes with three attachments (a nozzle and two brushes).

How it works: The concentrated nozzle directs the air down, which smooths hair as you dry it; a 1 1/2-inch round brush (shown) gives volume and curled ends; a 1-inch brush creates slightly tighter curls.

Why I loved it: Despite years of trying to give myself a professional-looking blow-out, I've never been able to get the hang of juggling a dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. Having one hand free to section and hold my hair against the brush is a huge help.

Insider tip: Use the nozzle to get your hair mostly dry, and then switch to one of the brushes to style.

Available at drugstores

Just a suggestion: Don't use a flatiron more than two or three times a week and try to keep it on the low setting, says Paradi Mirmirani, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. Just because some of these tools can heat up to 430 degrees doesn't mean you should use them at their hottest every morning.



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