Dr. Robin Smith
What is on your mind? What have you been thinking about last night, last week, last month, last year? Are you preoccupied by worries, concerns, anger or frustration? Or do the things you think about make you happy and content?

Dr. Robin says what occupies your mind occupies your time. "That means that what you're thinking about—where your focus is, where your energy is—that's where and how you spend your time," she says. Because our minds create behaviors, direction and focus, Dr. Robin says positive thoughts will fuel you, while negative thoughts will leave you frustrated and unfulfilled.

"If you stay stuck with just fixating on the brewing and the bubbling and the negativity, and you're not allowing your mind to expand itself to create solutions, to create a different perspective, another way of looking at things, what happens is your mind begins to dictate how you spend your time, how much time you're using obsessing or rehearsing a past situation," Dr. Robin says.

Dr. Robin encourages us to change what's on our minds, saying that if we're wracked by negative thoughts and aren't acting on them, we're wasting our time. "Time is the one metric, the one measurement, it's the thing that we can't ever get back," she says. "What occupies your mind will occupy your time. If you don't like the way things are going in your life, then focus on and backtrack into, 'Where is my mind?' … If things are going wonderfully, then pay attention and realize that what is occupying your mind has been fueling you in a wonderfully positive direction."