Dr. Robin Smith
In your life, what are you giving? Are you giving out kindness, patience and generosity? Or are you giving out frustration and negativity? Dr. Robin says it's time to check your behavior, because what you're giving out is what you're getting back, she says.

If you give out kindness, you get kindness back, Dr. Robin says. Same with generosity, compassion and thoughtfulness. "When you plant a seed in the ground, it will grow," Dr. Robin says. "Maybe you're not going to get kindness back from the person you were hoping was going to be kind. Maybe not generosity from the person who you loaned your lawn mower to. But somewhere down the line, what I'm finding out is that the equation for the universe is that when you give to someone, somehow the universe turns around and gives back to you."

Dr. Robin says at the start of the new year, look over your life and think about how you want to do things differently, treat people differently. "The place for you to begin is to look at your own pot of what you're giving—your pot of what you'd like to get back this year," Dr. Robin says. "If you want respect, you've got to give respect. If you want passion, you've got to give passion. If you want aliveness, you've got to show up alive."
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