Doing what you love for a living and making your career a priority will help you stay happy, maintain your energy and continue being as beautiful as you can be, Dr. Oz says. Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz offer advice to help you improve your career and ultimately slow the aging process:
  • Pick a career you are passionate about: "Pick your job for the passion, not the paycheck," Dr. Roizen says. "The more you are passionate about it, the better you will often get rewarded."
  • Improve your work environment: Plants and greenery in your office help improve your productivity, Dr. Roizen says. Also, set your thermostat to 72 degrees—it's most efficient temperature to work at, Dr. Oz says. Opening windows will improve the air quality in your office too.
  • Don't retire: "Retiring ages you about eight years," Dr. Roizen says. "In fact, a lot of people will die in their first couple of years after retirement because they don't have a passion in life. So, even if you hang it up in the sense of not earning money from it, find another passion and transition to that."
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