If you want to keep your relationship with your partner solid, Dr. Roizen says it's important to keep the physical attraction fresh and resolve problems that can harm your relationship, like financial stress. He offers advice that can help keep your love life beautiful:

  • Recreate your romantic relationship often: "You really need to remake your marriage every seven years," Dr. Roizen says. During the first couple of years marriage, Dr. Roizen says the dopamine rush of physical attraction is at play, then, for the next few years, the "cuddling hormone" oxytocin takes over. By the seventh year of marriage, Dr. Roizen says the rush of hormones dies down and you need to renew your relationship and make it romantic and exciting again.
  • Talk about finances with your partner: According to Dr. Roizen, about half of all divorces are caused by financial problems. Those problems can also age you by as many as eight years, Dr. Oz says. Saving 10 percent of your paycheck in an emergency account can help give you piece of mind, relieve stress and may save your marriage, Dr. Roizen says.
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