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Robin Givens's turbulent marriage to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson sparked rumors and headlines. She says that he brutalized her throughout their marriage and he was physically abusive even before they were wed.

It was after she realized what she had allowed to happen to herself that Robin sunk into a deep depression. After years of living in a fog, Robin decided she wanted to change her life. She became committed to getting well. "I talked to a doctor every day and I prayed a lot. ... I started at the bottom rung of just being happy," she says.

For Robin, getting help was the beginning of a whole new life. She says she has redefined herself and her dreams. Since her divorce, she started a family and she says she has focused on trying to be the best mom she can be to her sons.

"I'm in love with those two boys," Robin says. "And life is so good. And I'm here to say also that I'm sure there are people who have felt like I felt. Like maybe they couldn't go on. And you can turn a corner. You can be happy again. You can live."


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