In each pair of words below, one word can give one of its letters to the other (without rearranging letters in either word) to produce two synonyms. Can you find them? Which word "gives" and which one "receives" is for you to determine.

Ex. BUN STRING_________________
Here, string can give its r to bun to produce burn and sting.

1. QUIET LAVE _________________

2. PAT PIERCE_________________

3. FLAIR PEASANT_________________

4. WREAK FAIL_________________

5. LOT CLOUD_________________

6. MANLY MOISTLY_________________

7. WREATH RAG_________________

8. EXITED CAROUSED_________________

9. HEARTH MOO_________________

10. VIOLET RANGING_________________

11. PET IMPRUDENT_________________

12. HIDEOUS DENTS_________________

13. BLUFFER SHIED_________________

14. WEARY CARFUL_________________

15. BOAR SALON_________________

16. SIMULATE SPURT _________________

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