Whoopi Goldberg
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic
My favorite piece of advice is... If you're prepared for people not to like you, it's easier to be yourself. My mom once told me this, and I thought it was the smartest thing I'd ever heard. She had two strange children, so I think she knew we needed a little bit of preparation.

I wish I had known sooner... that I like being on my own. If I'd figured that out earlier, I probably wouldn't have gotten married three times.

If I were stranded on a desert island, I'd... bring several cases of Wise potato chips. I'd need sustenance to run around collecting wood, light it, and blow on it to make a fire. Then people could see my smoke signal, rescue me immediately, and take me to my house...where I'd eat more potato chips.

A day in my life goes like... I wake up, get dressed, sit on a rocket, and blast off to interviews, The View, and some event like christening a ship. Then there's a lunch or dinner where I eat stuff I'm not interested in, and next I'm at a play or an opera. Then I'm in a car where I sit in New Jersey traffic, and finally, I'm back home with my cat, Oliver, explaining that I do all of this so he can eat.

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