Dr. Robin Smith
Have you ever been wrong in your life—whether it was a speeding ticket or something in your marriage—when you knew you were wrong? Perhaps you knew your attitude was nasty, you knew that your tone was unkind, you knew that you needed to come home after work and apologize?

Dr. Robin says there's a good chance that you know you're wrong about something right now—but aren't willing to admit it. Oftentimes, things like pride, arrogance or fear prevent us from owning up to our mistakes, she says. Scan your life, your relationships and your dreams, Dr. Robin says, and ask yourself, "Where is it that I've shown up wrong and I haven't owned it; I haven't admitted it?"

Instead of wasting time and energy by not admitting when you are wrong, Dr. Robin suggests taking responsibility and moving forward with power, passion and purpose. "When you're wrong, you're wrong," she says. "That means that you're ready to grow, you're ready to seize this moment and make it everything it can be."