Dr. Robin Smith
Every moment of every day is taking us somewhere, Dr. Robin says. Whether we're physically driving to work or involved in a relationship, each of us is heading toward some destination or some outcome. It's your destiny, she says—and it is determined by your thoughts, choices, desires and actions.

Dr. Robin says that if you examine your life carefully, you can tell what your destiny will be—not what you want it to be, but where you will actually end up. "Given how I'm living, given who's around me, given the people that I have allowed to come into my home—into my life, into my activities—given the people that I've allowed to touch my body—to be a part of my journey—that is going to determine your destiny," she says.

After assessing your life, you may see some problems or trouble zones. But the good news, Dr. Robin says, is that you can change the course of your destiny if you are honest about who you are, about what you are, and about what has worked and what hasn't, she says. "If you want to know what your destiny is, then start tracking your behavior, your attitudes, your actions, and it will show you exactly where you're going to end up."

You can change the direction that you're going in, but only you can do it. "The person you've been waiting for to rescue you is right here in front of you—it's you," Dr. Robin says.
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