What Makes You Happy?
We asked readers like you to share the moments that make them smile and fill their hearts with joy.
Megan F. and her best friend, Rebekah
Megan F.
"You have brought me joy again," I nonchalantly shared with my best friend, Rebekah, over sandwiches at a Chicago diner. It was a few weeks after she relocated from Arizona. It was a matter of fact. After years of searching through classmates, careers, boys, stores and bars, I realized that the best things, though the simplest things, could completely transform my life. Many may find us odd, as we find any way to turn moments into photographs; dig through books and records at the Salvation Army, affirming each other's new treasures; or holler at each other wildly as we power walk, in stitches, down Michigan Avenue...but I don't care. Happiness to me goes beyond status or promotion. It is not an unreachable place that I need to earn through merit. People ask us if we're twins, and I correct them, "Partners for life." She corrects me, "Partners for eternity." We are partners in crime. Only a quarter into my life, I'm not sure what the future will hold for me, but I know that I'm safe from ever truly being lost or alone: I have already found a slice of happiness that is just enough for me.

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