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Bess I.
I'm a pilot student from the Philippines. I am a small-town girl who dreams big! I used to play paper planes before, but now I am flying planes. Reaching my dreams started when I got a job as an international flight attendant in 1996. I worked as an international flight attendant for 11 years and saved money to be able to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. I am now in Addison, Texas, doing my pilot training. In August 2009, I passed my FAA check ride and have earned my private pilot license. I am a pilot now!

I am working on my instrument rating, and then my commercial pilot license. The whole process was never easy. I still have to work on a lot of things, but getting a private license is so rewarding. When I look back, I could not really believe that I made it. Though I haven't reached the top yet, achieving the first level makes me so happy. Flying the plane itself feels like ecstasy. I feel like Amelia Earhart in my own little world.

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