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Jill F.
I can't begin to tell you how important this picture is to me. My son Riley is 4 years old and was diagnosed with several disorders on the autistic spectrum. As with any family who has a child with special needs, we have struggled over the last couple of years. My son Brandon, who is 13 years old, has been an incredible source of strength for my husband and me. The days where we are at our breaking point because we are working full time, maintaining the house and dealing with Riley's therapies, that's when Brandon steps up to the plate to help us, whether it's helping with chores, providing us comic relief or helping to keep an eye on his brother.

Riley absolutely adores his older brother, and, at times, it puts an incredible amount of pressure on Brandon. A 13-year-old's biggest worry should be how much homework he has or what to do on the weekends, but for Brandon, it's much more. He tries to provide the balance that we as a family need, and I know I haven't told him enough just how much I appreciate that. This picture reminds me of the hard work that we as a family have done together to find peace, happiness and, most of all, love. This picture shows me an incredible amount of love that two brothers have for each other, no matter how hard life can be at times. This picture is a reminder to me that no matter what, I have two incredible boys who I love and would do anything for each other. This picture is my heart and soul!

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