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Megan J.
I teach violin to young children. It's something that brings an immense amount of joy. I stumbled upon this source of happiness after I was laid off nine years ago from a contract position with an engineering company. Each day is filled with new wonders, smiles, laughter and fostered senses of self-worth, accomplishment and self-confidence in young people. As a result of imparting this passion, I have directly touched the lives of hundreds of children. Some have been inspired to compose original works and travel to other countries for universal communication through music. This gift of teaching violin also inspired a benefit recital to raise funds to educate descendants of the African Diaspora in comprehensive black history. As a result of successful participation, the reward was a free trip to Egypt. I feel extremely blessed to be able to do this. I'm humble and grateful for all of the families and students who allow me to come into their lives weekly and leave a lasting impression of optimism, possibility and love.

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