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Megan F.
"You have brought me joy again," I nonchalantly shared with my best friend, Rebekah, over sandwiches at a Chicago diner. It was a few weeks after she relocated from Arizona. It was a matter of fact. After years of searching through classmates, careers, boys, stores and bars, I realized that the best things, though the simplest things, could completely transform my life. Many may find us odd, as we find any way to turn moments into photographs; dig through books and records at the Salvation Army, affirming each other's new treasures; or holler at each other wildly as we power walk, in stitches, down Michigan Avenue...but I don't care. Happiness to me goes beyond status or promotion. It is not an unreachable place that I need to earn through merit. People ask us if we're twins, and I correct them, "Partners for life." She corrects me, "Partners for eternity." We are partners in crime. Only a quarter into my life, I'm not sure what the future will hold for me, but I know that I'm safe from ever truly being lost or alone: I have already found a slice of happiness that is just enough for me.

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