Dr. Robin Smith
If someone were to make you really angry, how would you react? Maybe you would fight back with curse words or hateful statements. Dr. Robin says what's in you is exactly what comes out, particularly when you are hurt, angry or when you feel there is an injustice.

What are the secret thoughts that you thought were hidden, that you thought were buried much deeper than they are…but they're really right beneath the surface? Maybe someone has said something bad about you or someone has done something wrong to you, and you've retaliated with hurtful words.

"You think you have covered up what is there, but it takes just a little zing or ping…and all of a sudden what lies beneath—maybe something you didn't even know was there—erupts like a volcano," Dr. Robin says.

Dr. Robin says it's time to take control of the anger, rage and bitterness that lies just beneath your surface. "We have to do something about it and do it now before we offend someone else, before we harm someone else," Dr. Robin says. "Take time today, in this very moment, and own it, claim it…and make the conscious effort and decision to figure out what lies beneath so you can live your best life."
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