What I Know for Sure Special
Illustration: Stephen Doyle

Certainty: Elizabeth Gilbert finds peace with it
Other People: Tony Bennett gets a life-changing gift
Competition: Dara Torres talks truth about age and sport
Expectations: Simon Baker learns to go with the flow
Family: Daniel Mendelsohn celebrates his own
Women: Mark Leyner admires the divine feminine
Silence: John Francis explores the power of quiet
Disaster: Amanda Ripley reveals how to survive
Leadership: Rachel Maddow knows who to follow
Coming Home: Eleni Gabre-Madhin dreams big
Justice: Alberto Mora doles out justice
Discovery: Alicia Soderberg sees stars
The Word No: Liya Kebede rejects rejection
The Tax Code: Carolyn Maloney clears it up
Solitary Confinement: Haleh Esfandiari survived 
Meeting the Pope: Kerry Kennedy makes her case
Marriage: Patrick Wilson has three things to say
Life and Death:
Julie Freischlag, MD, operates by one principle

 Three designers and a poet illustrated what they know. Read the poem by Bob Hicok and view artwork by Stephen Doyle, Bonnie Siegler and Emily Oberman of Number Seventeen Design, and Marian Bantjes.