52 Week-by-Week Resolutions

Here's our list of gradual, fun and doable changes, one for each week of 2012, that may just add up to some big changes in your year and life.

July 29: Remaster one skill from childhood.

Teach yourself, once again, how to skip rocks, hopscotch, weave a daisy chain and fold paper into that question-and-answer game that didn't have a name back in third grade.

August 5: Are you lying more than you realize?

For one week, write down every single lie—the big, the small, the funny, the dumb—that you tell. Next, review the list, not looking at the number of lies but the places and times you lie: When you're late? When you're talking about money, sex or age? When you can't do what you promised—or wish—you could do?

August 12: Exchange that tuna fish on white for some fresh, delicious, mercury-free karma.

Every day this week, donate the amount of money that you usually spend on lunch or fancy coffees to a cause that you believe in.

August 19: Fix your public record.

Update your résumé, spice up your LinkedIn profile and request your credit score (some companies check it before making an offer).

August 26: Eat at least one whole tomato like an apple.

Yes, there will be juice streaming down your arms.

September 2: Revamp your work wardrobe.

If a blouse is stained from lunches eaten at your desk, or dates back to an entry-level position, it goes in the donate pile. While you're at it, consider adding a playful, feminine detail like lace (Adam Glassman shows you how to keep it more boardroom than bedroom). Stay-at-homers, the same rules apply.

September 9: Give your eyes a break.

Prevent fatigue (and headaches) by using the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from your computer screen and stare off into the distance—or at an object about 20 feet away—for 20 seconds.

September 16: Call your once-totally-cool aunt or uncle.

You may be surprised at what they're up to these days.

September 23: For one full day this week, eat nothing that comes out of a can, bag, or box.

At best, you'll learn to make a familiar dish—like chicken noodle soup—from scratch. At worst? You'll eat salad for dinner instead of a frozen pizza.

September 30: Go on a romantic date.

Married people included. No restaurants allowed.