52 Week-by-Week Resolutions

Here's our list of gradual, fun and doable changes, one for each week of 2012, that may just add up to some big changes in your year and life.

May 20: Create a quit list.

Write down everything that you have already quit in the last year—from eating trans fats to a toxic job to your overdue taxes. Go through and evaluate the positive or negative effect of each decision. Is there a pattern? If you need help, call in Martha Beck for advice on when to give up.

May 27: Test-drive a pair of false lashes.

There's a reason why celebs love them. They make you look sexy in a way that nobody can figure out, and give the illusion of extra-wide-open eyes, making it seem as if you've just had 12 hours of restful sleep.

How to apply false lashes like a pro

June 3: Make friends with salad.

The reason why you have trouble keeping up with your roughage is that you open the same boring bag of lettuce each night and dump on the same boring vinaigrette. Toss up one of these 45 inspiring, fiber-boosting options each night this week.

June 10: Rethink your tired manicure.

Paint every nail a different color—without it looking nutso—by sticking to polishes in the same color family. Or, if you're less than competent at applying polish, experiment with the new version of press-on nail stickers, available in everything from denim to floral prints.

June 17: Take a stand against turkey neck.

You slather the sunscreen all over your face and eyes but forget your poor delicate neck, which is just as vulnerable to sun damage. Avoid future wobbles and gobbles. Commit to extending that SPF from your chin to your clavicle every day.

June 24: Attempt the Halftime Challenge.

Ask yourself one question every morning for the next seven days: How will you measure success six months from now? Jot down the answers, considering your home life, friends, family, hobbies, dreams, attitudes and career. At the end of week, circle the two answers that feel most authentic to you. These are your goals to work on from now until the New Year.

July 1: Go shine-free this summer.

Toss out your ancient cakey face powders in favor of some new strategies, like blotting papers to soak up facial oil, silicon-based primers) or pore minimizers on your T-zone.

July 8: End the farmers' market angst.

Do all those happy, glowing shoppers wandering around with chic eco-baskets that spilleth over with mustard greens make you feel inept and discouraged when it comes to buying and cooking local produce? Sure, there are vegetables you don't know how to prepare yet. Sure, you may blanch at the price of an organic, free-range chestnut. But this is the week to figure out how to incorporate farm goodies into your life. (1) Buy the damn basket. (2) Make a specific list of what to buy—as if the market were a grocery store (in other words, stop wandering around sampling kale pickles and blueberry honey without purchasing anything). (3) Get chatty (the stand owner knows what's freshest and how to prepare it).

July 15: Buck the sex statistic.

A shocking 81 percent of married women say their bedroom lives are utterly predictable. Tonight and every night this week, try out something new with your spouse, partner or even (blush) yourself.

July 22: Take an e-vacation.

Spend one full week without a single electronic device. Creativity has been shown to increase after just three days off from laptops, tablets, Wiis, TVs and smartphones.