52 Week-by-Week Resolutions

Here's our list of gradual, fun and doable changes, one for each week of 2012, that may just add up to some big changes in your year and life.

March 11: Pet every dog you see this week.

Unless it looks mean.

March 18: Address the debacle known as your linen closet.

March 25: Go vertical

Standing burns about 50 percent more calories than sitting. Get off your duff while checking your email, talking to a co-worker or waiting for an online video to load.

April 1: Take one high-color risk.

Try a tinted mascara instead of basic black. (The look-good guide: green for hazel eyes, purple for green eyes, and bright sapphire for blue eyes). Experiment with a lacy neon bra. Or buy yourself a pair of this spring's hottest—and most affordable—color-blocked heels.

April 8: Learn how to play one song on the harmonica.

Carry you harmonica in your purse. When frustrated by a late bus or a snobby department store salesperson, play the song to calm your breathing—and yourself. If you laugh in the process—and all the surrounding strangers do too—all the better.

April 15: Devote one week to radical optimism.

Assume that everything—the upcoming dinner party, the raise under consideration, the audition at the community theater—will go right. You may be proven wrong, of course, possibly repeatedly, but for one week go with the idea that whatever you want to work out will. Note any changes in attitude, beginning with how easily and quickly you get out of bed in the morning.

April 22: Start a garden journal.

Plot out your veggies and flowers. List the tools you need to purchase. Draw your fantasy layout in colored pencil. Press inspirational flowers between the pages (using a heavy dictionary). And should you happen to forget to plant anything at all, consider this notebook your celebration of spring.

April 29: No Peeps this year!

Yes, they are cute, but they still taste like Styrofoam.

May 6: Found your own excellence club.

Invite four successful peers from your profession to share strategies, expertise, advice and a friendly glass of Syrah each month. This includes stay-at-home mothers and struggling artists.

May 13: Address your arm flab.

Complete 20 push-ups on the edge of the sink every morning after brushing your teeth. It's easy, it works, and very soon you will have to wear a bathing suit or strapless dress that will make you overjoyed that you started on this muscle group this week.