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Do you love holidays but secretly dread the stress? Are you worried that you'll gobble up pumpkin pie and munch on sugar cookies to cope with holiday worries? If so, you aren't alone. With the troubled economy, this holiday is likely to be more stressful than past years for many people. Learning how to cope with holiday stress in calorie-free ways is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this season.

The good news is that there are many easy, inexpensive things you can do in less than one minute to calm and soothe your nerves. We'd all like to go to the spa to help us relax, but that isn't realistic or accessible the moment you are craving cornbread stuffing or hot apple pie.

The next time holiday treats are seductively calling your name, identify the true source of stress and try out one of these calming techniques. Keep in mind that emotions are like backseat drivers. They can steer you toward the refrigerator. Respond rather than react to emotional holiday triggers.



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