Dr. Robin Smith
Have you ever made a mistake because you were simply too tired to think straight? Perhaps you turned down an opportunity because your mind was clouded with fatigue. Or maybe you got involved in the wrong kind of relationship because you were emotionally drained and exercised poor judgment.

Being rested—not just physically rested, but emotionally rested—is essential so that you can make good, sound choices and decisions in your life, Dr. Robin says. "You've got to be honest with yourself and know when you're simply too tired to make an informed decision, to really think about what's best for you and to get sleep when you are tired, to rest when you are weary, to go and laugh with friends when you need to replenish your tank," she says.

Dr. Robin's message is simple: Get through this day, go to sleep, and you will then see what a rested mind and a rested spirit thinks about tomorrow. "Don't live your life from a place of exhaustion and deprivation," she says. "Because if you do, you're not going to be able to make the choices that will lead you in to living your very best life."
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