Smiling Again
Uma Thurman on inspiring others
Fans and critics alike say actress Uma Thurman is the definition of glamour, brains, beauty and strength. In October 2005, Uma talked candidly about her painful divorce from actor Ethan Hawke and her struggle to move on.

Inspired by Uma's story, many viewers wrote letters of support and thanked the star for revealing the truth about her private life. Jamie from Bloomington, Indiana, wrote, "Hearing Uma speak so openly and vulnerably about her own pain touched my heart and had me smiling through my tears. … Thank you, Uma, for reminding me that I'm not alone in this heartache."

Uma says she's moved by the overwhelming response. "It's deeply gratifying," she says. Is Uma in a better place after the divorce? "I hope so," she says. "It's hard to tell…I'm sure I am."