Dr. Robin Smith
Dr. Robin recently came across a magnet imprinted with the following quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it. You will find you dance with everything."

As she paused to contemplate the meaning of his words, Dr. Robin says she realized how often she herself had prevented moments of joy in her own life. "What hit me [was] the 'allow yourself' part," she says. "All the times that I blocked my own blessings; all the times when I stood in the way of joy trying to come my way, so I couldn't embrace it, I couldn't trust it because I was in the way. I was the roadblock to my own liberation, to my own validation. I stood in the way of the very thing that I was in pursuit of."

Dr. Robin encourages us to take a closer look at the role we play when it comes to welcoming joy into our own lives. "Have you been the thing, the roadblock, that is blocking your own blessing; that is keeping you from dancing with everything?" she asks. "All the opportunities in your life, the smiles that you're missing, the encounters with people that you're avoiding because you're shy, because you're afraid that you don't have the right clothes?"

Remember playing dodgeball as a child? Dr. Robin says many us of still play that game as adults, but instead of dodging the ball, we're dodging opportunities. "A lot of us play dodgeball with our lives every day," she says. "We play it with our emotions, we play it with our friendships, with our love affairs, with our jobs, with promotions."

Dr. Robin says we should embrace the words of Emerson and apply them to our own life. "I want you to take that situation and allow yourself…to face the fire, to face the fear and to invite the possibility of what you can create in your own life," she says. "You really will find that you dance with everything, not just the things that you're comfortable with, but the places where you were uncomfortable."
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