Dr. Maya Angelou
A professional dancer in her youth, Dr. Angelou says two of her greatest loves in life have been writing and dancing. "You're at once focused on the inside and moving on the outside, and it is a liberating feeling," she says. She talks about the beauty and thrill of dancing with former figure skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi and renowned tap dancer Savion Glover.

Kristi, who became the celebrity champion of the sixth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, says dance is an extension of her love of figure skating, and she talks about the artistry and athleticism of both crafts. Savion, who has wowed audiences as a dancer on Broadway, on television and on the big screen, talks about communicating through the medium of dance. "For me, tap dancing…it became my way of expression, my voice," he says.

Dr. Angelou also talks about her personal experiences as a dancer and says her passion for dance allowed her to travel the globe, introduced her to all sorts of people and even helped her learn foreign languages. More importantly, she credits dance with teaching her invaluable life lessons. "I learned that all human beings are more alike than we are unalike," she says. "Dance was my introduction to the world and to the human race, and I shall forever be grateful."