Dr. Robin Smith
It's that time of year again—shopping for presents, entertaining friends, visiting family. It may seem that you're being pulled in a dozen different directions; how will you ever find time for yourself? Dr. Robin says time really is on your side, but only if you let it.

Dr. Robin says time is so important because it's something we cannot ever get back. So often, people say they're wasting time doing things because they "have" to. However, Dr. Robin says you shouldn't let duty or habit determine how you spend your time.

"You're making too many excuses…about the ways in which time just gets away from you," Dr. Robin says. "Time doesn't run away from us. We go to sleep, we close our eyes, we make conscious decisions to turn our backs on being responsible with our time."

How many times have you said, "Before I knew it, it was already dinnertime" or "Where did the last five years go?" Dr. Robin says you must make a conscious decision to use your time the way you want to.

"Ask yourself, 'How do I need to structure my time in a way that it works for me, that it benefits me, that it maximizes my potential to live my best life, to create the opportunities that I really want?'" Dr. Robin says. "Be honest—where are the places where you are wasting time? Where are the places where you've allowed something that's way too unimportant to get high on the list, and it keeps draining your energy?"

"Yes, you do have time for you but you're only going to have time if you make it," Dr. Robin says. "You've got to make the decision."
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