5 Things You Should Always Ask For
My world changed when I learned that almost any restaurant will make you a grilled cheese sandwich if you ask nicely. And I started to wonder: What other off-menu extras does life have in store?
5 things you should always ask for
Better Bangs
There ought to be a 24-hour support hotline for people considering trimming their own bangs. Yes, it seems likely that a long, brow-skimming fringe will instantly transform you into a whimsical-yet-effortlessly-chic Zooey Deschanel type. But when bangs go wrong... man, do they go wrong. There is an option besides getting really good at headbands: Ask your stylist for free bang trimmings. She knows what she's doing, and it will take her about 20 seconds—and assuming you're a regular customer, she surely won't mind at all. According to Reagan Breinholt, the hairdresser-blogger behind Hairdresser On Fire, most should see you: "Don't see a stylist that doesn't offer free bang trims." (But do, please, tip them when they do give you that free trim!)