The World According to Gayle: 6 Things to Love This November
O's editor at large shares what she's loving this month.
warby parker
The Problem With a Cool Pair of Eyeglasses...
Is that they normally cost an arm, a leg, and a spleen. Luckily, the four guys behind eyewear company Warby Parker saw a way to fix that. They'll send you five pairs of stylish frames to try on—for free. Then you can supply your prescription online and order the pair you like best for $95. As it turns out, I'm not the only Warby Parker fan at the magazine (see image at left).

A Pancake So Good, You'll Ask for a Doggie Bag...
At least I did, when I visited the ArtCliff Diner in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts. I was on the hunt for a great breakfast, and this cozy diner delivered. The outside doesn't look fancy-pants, but the cranberry-coconut pancakes are spectacular.
I Love a Great Necklace...
whether it's a Mr. T-esque gold chain or something simple, and this aqua number from the Andean Collection is a winner. Because their jewelry (priced from $12 to $146) is available in stores like Chico's, some of the South American artisans who create the pieces have gone from earning $2 to $26 a day.

brooklyn castle
I've Never Been Able to Master Chess...
But a group of middle school students at Intermediate School 318 in Brooklyn has it all figured out. The new documentary Brooklyn Castle tells the story of the school's chess team, which has won more than two dozen national titles. Just how good are they? As the film reveals, if Albert Einstein were on their team today, he probably would rank only around fifth. The film explains that the exceptional program is at risk because of budget cuts. You'll walk away wanting to help—and wanting to be a chess geek, too.

brad pitt
When You Think Brad Pitt...
The words gangster movie don't necessarily come to mind. But in Killing Them Softly (in theaters October 19) he plays a ruthless hit man who's out for revenge after a high-stakes card game is robbed by two amateur criminals. Ray Liotta is the game's scheming organizer, and James Gandolfini (that's Tony Soprano to you and me) is a washed-up crook. Whether you like mob movies or just enjoy looking at Brad Pitt, you'll love the film's unpredictable plot. And you'll be guessing right up until the end.

Shirley Chisholm
"The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: 'It's a girl.'"
This Shirley Chisholm quote was on my table at a BET luncheon honoring female politicians, and it gave everyone seated with me something to think about.

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