Dr. Robin Smith
The escalating public war between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell has Dr. Robin concerned. In the midst of a real war in Iraq—in the midst of so many other global crises—why is the media focused on a tit-for-tat?

But even beyond Donald and Rosie's trivial back-and-forth, Dr. Robin urges us to look at the wars in our own lives—the ones that are robbing us of precious time and energy. Maybe you're fighting with your ex-spouse over the house, or perhaps you're arguing with a co-worker because she did something "unfair." "Many of us have found ourselves, without knowing it, caught in wars," Dr. Robin says. "Wars that are wasteful, wars that no one wins. Wars that are really about egos."

Whether you're in conflict with your partner, your neighbor, your colleague or your friend, Dr. Robin urges you to "bring an end to those wasteful wars that you've been participating in."

"All of a sudden, your life is consumed with the toxic waste and poison of war," Dr. Robin says. "[But] no one ever wins a war. … That 'ego' part of us that shows up trying to strive and show off and act itself out as big and more grand than someone else is simply unhealthy."