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Amanda's life took a dramatic shift when she saw Beverly and Carlton discussing their marital problems on The Oprah Show. Within 24 hours of watching the episode on The Secret, Amanda says her entire outlook on life changed. "I had to step back and look at myself and realize I didn't like myself. I was an unhappy person. And I was putting that out there and polluting my environment. I needed to change my focus," she says.

When the couple sat down to discuss their problems, they realized at their core they were both "achingly sad." "One thing just led to another and [a] dam burst and there we were just talking and talking," Amanda says. "I think that we have a miraculous chance of moving forward and having a great life together."

James says an important lesson for everyone is to stop focusing on things that are wrong in your life. Instead, use that energy toward things you desire, like a happy marriage. "Energy flows where attention goes," James says. "We have attention surplus when we are focusing on the things we don't want—I don't want to be broke. I don't want to be unhappy. I don't want to be fat," he says. "The mind can't process a negative."
FROM: One Week Later: The Huge Reaction to The Secret
Published on January 01, 2006


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