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On the day that Oprah introduced the world to The Secret, Clarissa thought she was in for an ordinary day—which usually includes missing The Oprah Winfrey Show because she's at work. But just 20 minutes into her workday, her boss called her into his office to tell her she was being fired.

On her way home, Clarissa called a friend who was fired by the same boss weeks before. "She and I were talking and we were just saying such bad things about him, just [the most] horrible things that we could think of. There was a lot of anger in both of our hearts for him because we were upset," she says.

After she arrived home, Clarissa and her mom watched the show about The Secret. "It just made me seriously think back and think, 'God, it wasn't him. It was me. He was right. I was negative. I didn't want this job. I didn't need the job. It was just a stepping stone.'"

She immediately typed up words and phrases—gratitude, true happiness, gratefulness—and hung them on the walls of her bedroom so that she'd remember them daily. Clarissa even wrote her old boss a letter. "I was upset at your reasoning for letting me go. Then I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show and the topic mesmerized me," she wrote. "For the things you said to me, I forgive you. And in the same sentence, I hope you forgive me. … Thank you for hiring and firing me."

"Now I'm so much more positive on everything that has happened," she says.

"You're open to the possibility of whatever is supposed to come into your life," Oprah says.
FROM: One Week Later: The Huge Reaction to The Secret
Published on January 01, 2006


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