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To begin living the ultimate life you want, you must first describe that life in as much detail as possible, Michael says. However, don't just list the ways that you'd like your present circumstances to change.

Instead really think about how you want your life to be. For instance, Michael suggests this description: "I see myself living a life [in which] I'm absolutely, totally healthy. Everything is working together for my good. There's prosperity flowing through me. I'm in a place of employment that I really love. I'm really providing value everywhere I go."

James says that this describing—"Not asking. Not hoping," he says—is just the first step, which he calls intention.

After you've established your intention, the next step, James says, is attention. Here, you should feel gratitude and maintain your feeling that your intended goals are coming, he says.

The third step is action. "This is the scary part, even when you teach this stuff," James says. "Step forward, taking action in the direction … not where you are currently, but moving forward and saying, 'Okay, if this is who I'm becoming, then what action would I take right now if I were already there?'"
FROM: One Week Later: The Huge Reaction to The Secret
Published on January 01, 2006