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Michael says that Lisa used the power of choice to change her thinking—the important first step in turning her life around. "She had to come out of the 'poor me' victim consciousness," he says. "She had to come out of repeating the same old patterns, and actually open herself up for another possibility and the universe matched that."

James agrees that Lisa's altered thinking changed her life. The reason, he says, is that humans are spiritual beings. "The mind is the bridge between the two most powerful forces in the universe, which are spirit and form."

However, he says, too often people place their focus in the wrong places. "We're accessed and able to do anything and everything," James says. "And yet what we tend to do, with our mind, is define ourselves by our physical circumstances. … When you look at your current results and say, 'This is me,' the universe says, 'Your wish is my command.' But that's not you, that's not who you are. It's who you were. It says nothing about who you can become and what you're capable of."
FROM: One Week Later: The Huge Reaction to The Secret
Published on January 01, 2006